We provide secure mobile document destruction to both commercial and residential customers.

Our options include:

Learn more below or contact us to discuss a service that fits your needs.

Scheduled Container Service (Most Convenient)

By choosing this option, you ensure reliable, regular service at your home or place of business. Our shredding technicians will service your containers following a schedule that we establish together. Typically, customers choose pickup on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

Before service begins, our technicians will deliver security bins to your location at no cost. You may choose from a number of bin options ranging in features from our ultra-secure executive consoles to our largest 96-gallon containers. Locking mechanisms on each model ensures that sensitive documents stay in your control until the moment that they are ready for destruction.

Documents are shredded on-site where you can witness our work. If you prefer, we can instead haul the material to our secure facility where it will be destroyed within 24 hours of pickup. A Certificate of Destruction is included with every project.

Purge Service (For Time-Sensitive Projects)

If you have an immediate need for document destruction—or, if you only want a one-time or periodic pickup—our purge service may be right for you. This option combines the convenience of scheduled pickup with as-needed service. It is a great choice for those customers who have a large volume of sensitive records that require shredding.

When you contact Southern California Shredding, we will arrange pickup at your location. Document shredding is fast and easy for clients who store papers in record boxes or file folders. One of our team members will empty the contents of these boxes / folders into our security bins and take them directly to our specialized shredding trucks for immediate destruction. Our vehicles are equipped with a monitor to allow you to view your documents as they are being destroyed.

Drop-off Service (Most Economical)

Drop-off is a great choice for those customers who have smaller loads of materials that they want to shred securely. Through this service, SCS helps residents and small business owners save money, stay green, and keep their information safe. Simply bring your materials into our facility for processing, and our team will unload your vehicle and take materials to our shredding truck for immediate destruction.

Document Imaging (Can Be Paired with Scheduled and Purge Services)

Whether you are a homeowner with years-worth of documents in storage or a business that wants to streamline its operations, document imaging by Southern California Shredding can help you eliminate paper waste while retaining electronic copies of important records.

With document imaging, our staff will pick up your materials, transport them to our facility, and scan them to disc for easy archiving. You can review the information on the digital copy we provide to ensure that files have transferred as intended. Then, with your approval, Southern California Shredding will shred the paper versions. From the moment we collect your documents to the time we destroy them on your behalf, your materials will be protected using NAID®-certified best practices.