Document Destruction and On-Site Shredding San Diego Businesses Can Rely On

When a company chooses a vendor for any service, it wants the greatest value possible: a perfect alignment of high-quality, affordability, and reliability. The same is true for businesses that are shopping for document destruction. San Diego companies want a provider that will offer everything that they need for the best price.

Let us introduce you to Southern California Shredding.

Our company has been serving the region for over ten years. As an established provider of document destruction and on-site shredding, San Diego businesses rely on SCS for its timeliness, customer service, and total commitment to data security.

Southern California Shredding demonstrates its value through all of its document destruction services…

• San Diego companies can drop off bulk materials for shredding at our conveniently-located facility. Customers can witness our work as technicians take the material and immediately destroy it with state-of-the-art shredders.
• With on-site shredding, San Diego businesses collect their unwanted or out-of-date papers, and on a regularly-scheduled basis, Southern California Shredding visits their location. Our team will haul these materials from the building and destroy it in our shredding truck. Companies can witness the shredding work through a video screen, and they will receive a certificate of destruction for their records.
• Some businesses only have shredding needs from time-to-time. SCS can assist them with a periodic purge. Our technicians will schedule a date to come to their location, haul their unwanted materials, and shred them on-site.
• If a San Diego business needs document destruction services but wants to maintain a digital copy of the materials, SCS can help. With our document imaging option, SCS will pick up all of the materials that require scanning and transport them to our facility. Our machines will scan the documents onto CD/DVD for easy storage. Then, when the paper files are no longer necessary, SCS will shred these records.

Southern California Shredding provides value to customers by offering a high level of security and customer service. SCS is certified by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID®) for document destruction in San Diego. This means that the company has integrated best-practices for document security at every stage of the relationship, from the collection of materials to the shredding of papers to the recycling of waste.

In addition, employees of Southern California Shredding are heavily vetted before they join our team. Each person undergoes a background check and random drug testing. We choose people who are hard-working, motivated to serve customers well, and willing to go above and beyond to get the job done. Often, customers along a driver’s route will specifically request certain team members because they have gotten to know our employees and appreciate how well they understand their needs.

Having professionals take care of a job efficiently and with no business interruption: it’s what companies should expect from their service providers. It’s what Southern California Shredding offers every day.

Learn more about document destruction and on-site shredding in San Diego. Call Southern California Shredding at 1-866-66SHRED.