Drop Off Vs. Mobile Shredding: What’s Your Best Option?

Companies that consistently handle sensitive information and secret documents are all but required to seek out a secure method of document destruction. Neglecting secure document destruction can cause a number of issues. Companies operating in the San Diego area face the possibility that scavengers in dense urban centers could recover the documents from the trash … Continued

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Common Issues Solved by Shredding Old Documents

Document destruction is a consistent and important concern for companies that handle any type of sensitive data. Even for companies that do not handle much sensitive data as part of their operations, employee payroll, profit statements, and business memos are still sensitive information. There are individuals that are seeking to steal from companies with negligent … Continued

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A Complete Guide to Paper Shredding

Paper shredding and document destruction is a complicated but necessary process. The consequences of improper paper shredding can include anything from identity theft to corporate espionage. Especially for companies in the San Diego area, there are numerous individuals looking to steal sensitive information; trash and old documents are a primary source of sensitive information. However, … Continued

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5 Reasons Paper Shredding Services Are Critical for Your Business

Document destruction, specifically secure document destruction, is vital to a number of business ventures in the San Diego area. This is not just simple paper shredding, but specific paper shredding services from specialty companies such as Southern California Shredding. Companies that need document destruction understand the need to secure confidential and secret data. However, most … Continued

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3 Things to Consider When Choosing Reputable Mobile Shredding Services

Document destruction and mobile shredding services can be a complicated process. Especially for companies without much knowledge on the subject, choosing the right provider can be difficult. Document destruction is vitally important, and a very crucial part of a full security process. In-house paper shredding is a cheap way to solve this issue, but for … Continued

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Preventing Identity Theft and Other Benefits of Shredding

In years past, we all thought that, once we threw something out in the trash, it was gone for good. Unfortunately, time has told a different story. With criminals pioneering increasingly imaginative ways of using sensitive information to steal and exploit others, business owners are buckling down all over Southern California. Document destruction has come … Continued

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