What Is a Certificate of Destruction for Document Destruction

Secure document destruction is a very serious concern for every business with any kind of sensitive information. For businesses with confidential information – medical, legal, finance, etc. – secure document destruction is of vital importance. These types of businesses face steep legal trouble if their documents are insecure. For businesses with secret documentation – manufacturing, … Continued

What if I Need One-Time Paper Shredding Services?

Document destruction and proper paper shredding are a necessary concern for every company. For smaller companies especially without enormous document storage facilities and archives, filing cabinets can become full and old documents that can pile up far beyond reasonable standards. These types of oversights can pose an enormous risk to information security. San Diego is … Continued

Stop Fraud from Occurring by Shredding Important Documents

There is not a single industry that is not negatively affected by some type of fraud. However, it may not occur to most business owners that fraud can occur not just through special access and insider knowledge. Special documents that contain sensitive data can be used for different types of fraud. It is important that … Continued

Prevent Dumpster Diving with Mobile Paper Shredding

Dumpster diving is a major liability for any business, especially those with sensitive materials with specific disposal needs. For private businesses, there are few solutions to the problem of dumpster diving. Salvaging and scavenging can lead to private and sensitive information becoming compromised, but punitive measures are not always possible. To control the security of … Continued

Identifying Documents that Are Crucial to Shred

Many companies in the San Diego area know that document destruction and document control are very important, but it can also be confusing what exactly is required to be shredded in a secure manner. There’s a myriad of possible documents that need to be controlled and the following list, provided by Southern California Shredding, should … Continued

How to Properly Shred Medical Documents

Document destruction is important for every company, but documents in the medical field are protected very heavily, and patient confidentiality is a right of every patient. Medical companies and healthcare providers must take the utmost care to ensure that breaches of sensitive patient information does not happen. Medical records contain everything from medical history to … Continued

Common Issues Solved by Shredding Old Documents

Document destruction is a consistent and important concern for companies that handle any type of sensitive data. Even for companies that do not handle much sensitive data as part of their operations, employee payroll, profit statements, and business memos are still sensitive information. There are individuals that are seeking to steal from companies with negligent … Continued

A Complete Guide to Paper Shredding

Paper shredding and document destruction is a complicated but necessary process. The consequences of improper paper shredding can include anything from identity theft to corporate espionage. Especially for companies in the San Diego area, there are numerous individuals looking to steal sensitive information; trash and old documents are a primary source of sensitive information. However, … Continued

5 Reasons Paper Shredding Services Are Critical for Your Business

Document destruction, specifically secure document destruction, is vital to a number of business ventures in the San Diego area. This is not just simple paper shredding, but specific paper shredding services from specialty companies such as Southern California Shredding. Companies that need document destruction understand the need to secure confidential and secret data. However, most … Continued