What is the cost of service?

The cost of our services, both document purge service and recyclable material transportation is determined by the following factors

  • The amount to be shredded – The volume of paper to be shredded is a factor in price but there is no minimum amount necessary.
  • The packaging of the materials – Materials that are difficult to access or require separation by Southern California Mobile Shredding team member may affect price.
  • The frequency of shredding service – How often Southern California Mobile Shredding is scheduled to service your facility.

Pricing information

  • To obtain an accurate price for the services you or your business require, please contact us for a customized quote. We will go over your service requirements; review expectations and work out the specific details to ensure your needs are met.
  • Keep in mind, more does not always mean more expensive
  • You can save by setting up a monthly service
  • Monthly pick up services
  • Purge jobs as low as $2 per box, price is based on volume
  • Southern California Shredding is a price sensitive company, we will match or beat any price

What do I need to do with the information that needs to be shredded?

If you are using one of our Southern California Shredding consoles or bins, make sure the different consoles or bins are left in an available area that one of our Southern California Shredding team members can access. If you want other things destroyed, such as CDs or hard drives, make sure those are accessible, but kept separate from the consoles or bins so that we can keep the materials separate for recycling. That’s it.

A Southern California Shredding team member will arrive on your scheduled day, retrieve the contents of the consoles/bins and any other additional material and shred the contents on-Site. Once finished we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.

If you are not using Southern California Shredding consoles or bins, simply have the items to be destroyed separated by material (that is all paper together, all CD’s together, all video’s together, etc..) in an accessible location. You do not need to remove staples and paper clips.

How will you ensure my security?

Southern California Shredding will ensure the security of the items you want shredded in two ways:

  • Southern California Shredding is fully licensed and bonded. We stand by the work we do by providing a Certification of Destruction to our customers once the job has been completed.
  • Southern California Shredding can provide you with a completely secure container. Once filled, the contents will be retrieved by our Southern California Shredding and then taken directly to the On-Site Mobile shredding truck. At this time, your confidential documents will be attached to the truck and fed into the shedding system. All of this can be viewed from our viewing monitor located on the unit.

Learn more about how Southern California Shredding works to ensure your security on our About Southern California Mobile Shredding page.

What should I Shred?

In general, all documents that have information that may compromise your Identity and the privacy of your business should be destroyed. Also, documents which are designated for destruction by legislative mandates, such as HIPAA or FACTA should be destroyed. See our Why and What to Shred page to get more details. Examples of some of these documents are the following:
  • Loan Documents
  • Utility Bills
  • Financial Records
  • Bank Statements
  • Pay Stubs
  • Cancelled Checks
  • Personnel Identification
  • Credit Cards
  • Documents that contain your social security number or credit card number
  • Insurance Documents
  • Medical Records
  • Documents with your personal information
  • Tax Records
  • Legal Records
  • Credit information
  • Hard Drives and Digital Media