Help Improve Your Security with Document Destruction Services

Paper Shredding for SecuritySecure document destruction is of great importance to security for every company. Whether handling sensitive data at a secure financial institution, or a simple service firm that doesn’t handle much at all in the way of sensitive data, negligent document control is always a vector for criminals to steal data. There are a ton of risks involved in improper document destruction. If papers are not shredded correctly, they can be reassembled from the trash, and even if they are shredded properly, unsecured waste containers can still be stolen quite easily. For these reasons and many more, it is important to choose secure document destruction services such as Southern California Shredding for companies in the San Diego area. This document will be a short guide to document destruction services and what they can provide.

What Are Document Destruction Services?

First and foremost, document destruction services provide a professional service that handles paper shredding and other forms of secure document control. The important distinction between simple paper shredders and document destruction services are the amount of material that can be shredded, and the secure environment that these services are performed in. Document destruction companies, such as Southern California Shredding, maintain security certifications and more sophisticated tools to securely destroy documents according to numerous regulations at both state and federal levels.

What Documents Should Be Destroyed?

Southern California Shredding maintains a helpful list of documents and information that should be shredded to inform their customers in the San Diego area. Documents that maintain any of the following information should be destroyed in a secure document destruction environment.

  • Personal Information: Telephone Numbers, Addresses, Employee Records, Card Information, Employment Contracts, etc.
  • Financial Information: Contracts, Invoices, Proposals and Quotes, Profit/Loss Statements, Investment Statements, Bills, Bank Statements, etc.
  • Business Information: Business Plans, Deals and Records, Internal Memos, Inventory/Price Lists, Correspondences, etc.

What Options Are There in Document Destruction?

Southern California Shredding offers a number of convenient options for document destruction to customers in the San Diego area. Not only are there many different facilities maintained throughout the Southern California area that offer drop-off services, but customers can also access convenient mobile shredding services. Drop-off services are open all week and Saturdays for companies that want a cheaper option or don’t want contractors on-site. For those that choose mobile shredding, secure containers are provided to be stored on-site that holds documents securely. These containers are then collected weekly, the documents are removed, and the shredding process is performed on-site. Customers are invited to view the entire mobile shredding process to ensure quality, and the customer is then provided with a certificate of document destruction to ensure the customer of their legal protection.

Document destruction, especially for companies in the San Diego area, doesn’t need to be a difficult and expensive process. Necessary security concerns can easily be handled through Southern California shredding, the premiere document destruction and control service for all of Southern California.

For more information on document destruction, contact our office in the San Diego area.