Orange County companies that deal with sensitive materials need a secure document destruction process. Business owners and managers also want a document destruction system that is timely and cost-effective.

However, Trying to shred documents in-house is a difficult task for businesses, especially those that have an ongoing, bulk supply of materials:

    • These documents must be collected and secured. This can take up valuable office space.
    • The shredder a company uses needs to be able to handle a variety of mediums, bindings, and weights. Otherwise, employees will be removing staples and report covers for hours on end.
    • Shredding equipment also has to be safe to operate so that employees do not have accidents on the job.

These requirements mean that a “do-it-yourself” approach is not the most secure and efficient process for document destruction. Orange County businesses recognize that a professional provider of shredding services is a better option. However, not every operator is equal.

The shredding company that a business chooses should value security and service above all. These qualities should be present in every aspect of their work. The provider’s employees should be vetted, the business should be nationally recognized for its best practices, and there should be complete transparency as to the shredder’s operations and handling of customer documents.

That’s why businesses choose Southern California Shredding.

Southern California Shredding offers on-site shredding that Orange County businesses (and companies throughout Southern California) have relied on for over a decade. How do we protect their security?

NAID® Certification: Southern California Shredding is certified by the National Association of Information Destruction. Very few shredding providers have achieved this distinction because it requires an investment in end-to-end security. Our team undergoes regular reviews by NAID® to demonstrate its standards for document destruction, its commitment to the responsible disposal of waste materials, and the proper insurance to operate legally and professionally.

The Right Employees: Low-quality providers may employ anyone capable of hauling materials and driving a truck. Southern California Shredding has higher standards. Every technician has been thoroughly vetted with a multi-year background check and drug testing. More importantly, our managers choose people who respect the security needs of our customers and put service above all else.

Customer Involvement: When customers need on-site document destruction in Orange County, it is often because they are legally required to control their records. This is true of many legal, medical, or financial businesses. Southern California Shredding supports and resolves these requirements by providing security bins that customers use to collect materials at their location. These materials remain under the customers’ control until our technicians haul the documents to our shredding truck. Customers can observe as drivers load the materials in bulk for immediate shredding at the customer’s place of business. A video screen on the truck provides a full view of the documents being destroyed.

We also offer off-site shredding to take care of other unique shredding needs, including the destruction of hard drives and other non-paper media, but these services will require delivering those items to our facility. You can also ask us about using our drop-off locations across Orange County for all of your paper shredding needs.

Southern California Shredding understands how to provide total security for sensitive materials. If your Orange County business needs professional document destruction, call us at 1-866-66SHRED or contact us online.