Choosing a Local Provider for On-Site Shredding | San Diego, CA

Even in the digital age, it’s likely that your business operates with some amount of paper records. Whether you are transitioning to a computerized system or you are required to maintain printed files for your company, you may have a build-up of out-of-date or unnecessary materials.

With Southern California Shredding and its work in on-site shredding, San Diego businesses can eliminate these documents, clean up their storage rooms, and clear out office space.

  • SCS specializes in secure document destruction. San Diego businesses simply collect the materials that they no longer need, either in their own file boxes or in the security bins that SCS provides.
  • Our trained and background-checked technicians pick up and haul these materials from your office. Pickups can take place as needed or following a regular schedule.
  • Our technicians shred the materials using state-of-the-art trucks. Jobs are completed quickly; typically, we can handle one-to-two file boxes per minute.

In particular, businesses that produce bulk materials on an ongoing basis will benefit from SCS’ service. Instead of having to haul these materials another location or pay for the expense of storage, the documents can be eliminated within minutes at their own facility. Southern California Shredding can handle a variety of mediums and bound documents, and it manages waste in an environmentally-friendly, secure fashion.

Since SCS is a local provider of on-site shredding, San Diego companies receive benefits that national chains don’t offer…

Reputation matters. Unlike national chains, a local provider can’t simply shrug off bad service or unhappy customers. Southern California Shredding takes personal pride in earning repeat business and referrals from our customers. Our attention to these relationships is one of the reasons that Southern California Shredding has been successful over its more-than-ten-years of service.

Personal connection. When you work for neighbors, friends, and the businesses that you frequent, you have a lot of reason to do the job well. Our managers and technicians get to know our customers, learn how we can help them with their projects, and develop solutions to fit their needs.

Above-and-beyond service. Typically, you discover who your true partners are during challenging times. For example, some San Diego businesses may find themselves with immediate on-site shredding needs thanks to a business decision or legal judgment. Southern California Shredding will alter its schedule and often provide same-day service to companies with emergencies. That flexibility is hard to come by with a big national chain.

Conveniently-located. Being local means that customers can visit Southern California Shredding’s facility and see our operation in action. We invite businesses to schedule conversations with our managers, who are happy to demonstrate the security methods we apply to every shredding project.

Choosing a local, effective partner means that your business gets the highest level of quality for a service it needs. Find out more about our on-site shredding work in San Diego. Call Southern California Shredding at 1-866-66SHRED.