With On-Site Shredding, Orange County Businesses Can Follow the Legal Security Requirements for Their Industry

Southern California Shredding provides on-site shredding Orange County companies can rely on. For over a decade, we have served businesses in a variety of industries with secure, professional document destruction. Orange County companies can have SCS pick up materials on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Alternatively, we can schedule periodic purges of their unwanted papers.

With on-site shredding, Orange County businesses get…
• Greater convenience. Companies that have many boxes of papers may not have the capacity to transport these materials to a shredding facility. Southern California Shredding can destroy papers right at the company’s location.
• A time-saver. Collecting and delivering unwanted documents may take several days for a company to handle alone. SCS’ team will haul documents from the business directly to its awaiting shredder truck.
• More security. When a business transports materials from its location to Southern California Shredding’s facility, those materials are out in the open and away from the control of its professional offices. Southern California Shredding destroys materials on-site, and businesses can witness this process on a camera embedded in the shredding vehicle.

Who Should Choose On-Site Shredding?

If an Orange County business values convenience, time, and security, on-site document destruction is the right choice. In particular, companies that are legally required to destroy materials in a confidential and secure way should consider SCS.

Attorneys, physicians, and banking institutions are often subject to privacy laws. They have access to confidential information on a regular basis when they work with clients. In many cases, they produce records to keep track of their customers, but as time goes by and these materials are no longer needed, they require assistance in eliminating the unwanted documents.

Even when there is no legal requirement to handle customer information with care, these businesses may have materials with data that customers do not want shared. Losing control of these documents could create a public relations nightmare and hurt the trust that customers have in their business.

Southern California Shredding and On-Site Services

Southern California Shredding offers high-level security for on-site document shredding.
• Customers can use our security bins to collect their materials in central locations throughout their office.
• SCS will pick up these materials, haul them to an awaiting shredder truck, and immediately destroy the documents.
• Our state-of-the-art vehicles do not require hand-feeding, which means that drivers will not have to handle their papers manually.
• Customers will receive a certificate of destruction demonstrating the completion of the project.

The best technology and systems mean nothing without reliable people behind them. Southern California Shredding conducts deep background checks and drug testing for its employees and trains them to provide the highest level of service. In fact, customers often request the same driver to service them every time because they have developed a personal relationship.

For Southern California Shredding, service, security, and professionalism are standard operating procedure. Discuss on-site shredding for your Orange County business. Call us today at 1-866-66SHRED.