What if I Need One-Time Paper Shredding Services?

Shredded paperDocument destruction and proper paper shredding are a necessary concern for every company. For smaller companies especially without enormous document storage facilities and archives, filing cabinets can become full and old documents that can pile up far beyond reasonable standards. These types of oversights can pose an enormous risk to information security. San Diego is hubs for small businesses, and Southern California Shredding can offer many different types of professional document destruction and paper shredding services for companies large and small in those areas. However, what if a company doesn’t need a regularly scheduled service? Perhaps a very small firm with a team of fewer than 10 people only needs document destruction once every few months or even only once a year. They obviously don’t want to or need to spend the money on regularly scheduled mobile paper shredding. Luckily, Southern California Shredding also offers companies in San Diego on-demand, one-time paper shredding services.

One-Time or Regularly Scheduled Services?

There a number of considerations to be taken into account before deciding to schedule regular document destruction services.

Companies that will require regular paper shredding:

  • All businesses large or small that generate paper on an ongoing basis.
  • Any Medical care facility.
  • Firms that maintain large off-site archives.
  • Small manufacturing firms that don’t perform large production runs.
  • Hospitals that treat large numbers of patients.
  • Consulting firms that need to destroy data shortly after it is used.

Customer that may only need one-time paper shredding:

  • Residential Customers
  • Small business that do not generate very much paper.
  • New organizations that haven’t had the chance to generate excess documents.
  • Large organizations that maintain huge archives of documents and have purge services throughout the year.

Why One-Time Paper Shredding?

There are a number of reasons to utilize one-time paper shredding. The first and foremost is the risk of information leaks from negligent document control. Papers that are not needed are always safer if they are shredded. If not, those documents can be reconstructed out of the trash or just taken entirely, and the information held therein can be used to harm a company. Other than security concerns, companies might simply find that their offices are becoming cluttered, and paper shredding services can alleviate the space concerns that come from too many unsecured documents lying around.

Utilizing One-Time Paper Shredding

Southern California Shredding offers two options for San Diego companies for one-time paper shredding in their Purge Service.

  • On-Site Service: Southern California Shredding sends a truck on-site to the company premises and shreds the documents right there. A representative of the customer is present to ensure that the documents are processed, and a certificate of destruction is provided as evidence for the customer.
  • Off-Site Service: Southern California Shredding sends a truck to collect all of the documents from the customer, and the documents are taken to one of many secure facilities in the area.

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