San Diego Document Destruction and On-site Mobile Shredding Services 

As a business owner or operations manager, you understand the value of efficiency, professionalism, and reliability. Expect these qualities from our team. We’re Southern California Shredding, and we provide San Diego on-site shredding services.

The businesses that work with us have sensitive but unneeded documents they want to eliminate. Throwing papers out in the trash isn’t an option; our customers want to comply with the law, which requires them to handle customer information carefully. Many of these companies also want to keep competitors from getting private information on their operations, which these documents may contain.

With our work in paper shredding, San Diego companies get several benefits:

  • Time-savings: Through our mobile shredding services, San Diego businesses destroy their unwanted materials in minutes. We use advanced-technology shredder trucks that have capabilities far beyond a typical office shredder. As a result, your employees don’t have to waste days or weeks eliminating documents.
  • Environmentally-friendly results: We recycle 100% of the materials we shred, equivalent to 100,000 pounds of paper per month. Unlike traditional recycling, Southern California Shredding maintains control of your sensitive files until the moment they are destroyed.
  • Hard drive destruction: Destroying a hard drive is the only way to guarantee the destruction of all sensitive data that used to be stored within it. We are equipped to shred hard drives. This service is not available as a mobile service, but you can easily drop off your hard drives at our facility.
  • Multimedia services: Our San Diego document destruction services go beyond paper and hard drives. Southern California Shredding can handle unwanted CDs, videotapes, film, X-rays, and microfiche.

Document Security

Protecting your data is the cornerstone of our success in mobile paper shredding. San Diego businesses hire Southern California Shredding because every one of our processes starts with security.

Our company is certified by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID). Achieving that recognition means complying with industry best practices, passing rigorous standards in our facility, and investing in end-to-end security. We participate in regular reviews to maintain these standards.

Our work follows this same secure approach. When we arrive on-site for mobile shredding services, San Diego businesses grant our team access to the area of their facility where sensitive materials are collected. Our employees wear uniforms and badges for easy identification. Each has undergone rigorous background checks and has participated in extensive training to ensure their professionalism and expertise.

Southern California Shredding often provides companies with secure locking bins that can be housed throughout the facility. We haul these documents from their location to our awaiting shredder truck. Your representatives can accompany our staff as we load the materials into the truck, and they can watch on a monitor as the documents are shredded on-site. At the end of every job, we provide a Certificate of Destruction verifying the work.

Supporting Your Company

Customers rely on Southern California Shredding because we are a professional team backed by years of experience in document destruction and mobile paper shredding. San Diego businesses know that we will work efficiently and without distracting their staff during our pickup. They recognize our commitment to their security, and they know that when they call for our help, we’ll respond quickly. Once you are signed up, you can also take advantage of our San Diego County drop-off location for your paper shredding needs.

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We invite you to experience our work for yourself. Call us today at 1-866-66SHRED to schedule your mobile shredding service.