Our Secure Shredding Process


  Southern California Shredding comes to your home, office, or place of business

  • All material is destroyed on site
  • All Southern California Shredding team members are security screened and bonded.
  • We shred plastics and cardboard separately from paper so all material can be appropriately recycled.


Our Document Destruction Specialists will collect all material to be destroyed from our complimentary security containers, boxes or file drawers.

  • All material is put into our rolling security bins and taken directly to our mobile shredding truck, parked outside.
  • Our rolling security bins are attached to a rail system on our trucks
  • The bins are then automatically lifted and the paper is fed into the shredding system.


All material is destroyed “On-Site” prior to our specialist leaving your facility.

  • Our customers can view the entire process from start to finish.
  • Our trucks are equipped with a security monitor allowing you to watch your documents as they are shredded.
  • Our automated handling procedure locks down security for your peace of mind and total privacy.


  Southern California Shredding delivers all destroyed items to a Certified Recycling Center.

  • Your materials are intermixed with thousands of pounds of shredded debris making document reconstruction impossible.
  • Certified Recycling Centers will then bail the deposited material to be manufactured into new and similar type products

Mobile shredding trucks do not have storage capacity to haul off boxes so in the interest of preserving the environment, we ask our customers to reuse good boxes and recycle those that are damaged.