Southern California Shredding offers convenient service plans to provide document destruction.

Purge Service*

  • On-Site: We come to you and shred your documents right in front of you! Since the shredding is done on-site we do not remove the boxes. A Certificate of Destruction is issued for each service.
  • Off-Site: We pick up your boxes of documents and shred them at our secure facility. The boxes are recycled and a Certificate of Destruction is issued for each service.

*One-time service due to expired documents and/or cleaning out storage units.


Regular Scheduled Service

  • Secure containers are provided free of charge and service is scheduled for an agreed-upon frequency (Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly)
  • Certificate of Destruction issued for each service.


Drop Off

  • You can bring your boxes directly to our secure facility!
  • Monday – Friday, 9am-4pm: Drop Off Only Documents can be placed in a secure bin and shredded at night.
  • Saturday, 9am-1pm: On-Site Shredding Bring your boxes to us and they will be shredded directly in front of you.
  • No matter which option you choose, rest assured that our facility is secure and under 24 hour video surveillance.