Prevent Dumpster Diving with Mobile Paper Shredding

Man digging into a binDumpster diving is a major liability for any business, especially those with sensitive materials with specific disposal needs. For private businesses, there are few solutions to the problem of dumpster diving. Salvaging and scavenging can lead to private and sensitive information becoming compromised, but punitive measures are not always possible. To control the security of a business with sensitive documents, preventative measures can include extra security around dumpsters and irrecoverable destruction of the sensitive materials. These are expensive tasks, especially for small businesses. To solve this cost issue, Southern California Shredding offers mobile paper shredding services to the San Diego area.

Mobile Shredding

What is mobile paper shredding? It is simply a service of document destruction that occurs on-site in a secure and certifiable way. Businesses that wish to employ mobile paper shredding can watch the shredding process from start to finish.  On-going customers can also opt to receive secure security containers to deposit their confirmation material in. Then, on a regular schedule, a truck will come on-site to perform the document destruction service. Customers are invited to view the entire process to ensure quality and compliance; and when it is done, the customer is provided with a certificate of document destruction as proof that the process is completed. This process of destruction is completely unrecoverable; customers can be sure that their documents are secure, and their document liability is completely mitigated.

Why Secure Document Destruction Is Necessary

Unfortunately, companies that do not seek professional, secure document destruction face a number of liability issues. San Diego companies especially face scavenging and dumpster diving as constant and dangerous problems. Inadequate document control can lead to a diver finding documents in waste bins, and that can lead to breaches of confidentiality or secrecy. Legal, medical, and financial institutions face dire consequences if any confidential information is released. Manufacturing and engineering firms face the risk of designs, programs, and prints finding their way into the wrong hands. Even simple company memos can be used to discern sensitive information if found by the wrong person.

Green Solutions

Mobile Paper Shredding through Southern California Shredding is a green and ecologically friendly process. All shredded material is recycled at a Certified Recycling Center. The vehicles use the latest in emission control systems to reduce carbon emissions, and now utilize an ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel to further reduce emissions of particulate matter by 90%. In addition, the process of shredding paper as opposed to other methods such as burning not only allows that material to be recycled, but also avoid releasing the carbon gasses from being released back into the atmosphere. Companies in the San Diego area are consistently pressured to find ecologically friendly solutions to regular business, and Southern California Shredding can offer those solutions.

Why Southern California Shredding?

Southern California Shredding is NAID Certified.

Customers in the San Diego area can be sure that their document control is treated with the utmost precaution and professional attitude. Mobile paper shredding services through Southern California Shredding are secure, sustainable, accountable, and affordable.

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