Stop Fraud from Occurring by Shredding Important Documents

Heap of white shredded papersThere is not a single industry that is not negatively affected by some type of fraud. However, it may not occur to most business owners that fraud can occur not just through special access and insider knowledge. Special documents that contain sensitive data can be used for different types of fraud. It is important that sensitive documents be tightly controlled and securely destroyed to protect against any type of fraud that can come from that document falling into the wrong hands. For companies in San Diego, Southern California Shredding can provide secure and professional paper shredding services in a number of convenient formats. These services can protect against fraud for an affordable price and with the utmost convenience.

What Is Fraud?

Fraud is defined as a wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. Financial institutions are constantly on alert for different types of financial and bank fraud. Accidental release of financial statements can lead to identity theft or the unlawful use of secret financial data. Poor document control can also lead to accidental fraud as employees can make misguided financial decisions and investments. Compromised medical documents can lead to services being charged to the wrong person, and important medical records can be fraudulently altered. Even business plans and other types of business documents can be used to damage the image and business plans of a company. San Diego area is dense with corporate environments with heavy urban centers, and these places are rife with opportunity for unscrupulous individuals to commit fraud. Southern California Shredding can provide paper shredding and document destruction services to solve these issues before they can become a problem.

Fraud, in addition, is sometimes not easy to find recompense for. Lawsuits can take a very long time, and the payment might not be enough to recover damages. Criminal fraud is not always easy to prove. It is entirely reasonable that the individual committing fraud will profit in the end, despite being caught for their transgressions. So companies are heavily incentivized to take care of proper paper shredding as the first line of defense against damage caused by fraud.

What Is the Risk of Fraud?

Document control is vital to prevent fraud. Documents that are not destroyed are liable to be stolen not only by internal employees but by external forces as well. Scavengers and dumpster divers can pick documents out of the trash and take it away quite easily. Even if the company has taken care to do some paper shredding, certain paper shredders don’t cut documents up in a very secure way. If the shredder only cuts the document into long strips, those strips can be reassembled quite quickly from a pile, and the information on them is still compromised.

Southern California Shredding offers secure and professional paper shredding services, with certificates to ensure that documents are controlled and destroyed according to the highest security standards. For companies in the San Diego area that need paper shredding and document destruction, look no further than Southern California Shredding.

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