A Complete Guide to Paper Shredding

Female hand destroying sheet of paper with shredderPaper shredding and document destruction is a complicated but necessary process. The consequences of improper paper shredding can include anything from identity theft to corporate espionage. Especially for companies in the San Diego area, there are numerous individuals looking to steal sensitive information; trash and old documents are a primary source of sensitive information. However, figuring out the needs and methods of proper paper shredding can be complicated. It’s often not something most companies want to dedicate time and effort toward. This guide, provided by Southern California Shredding, can help potential customers in San Diego figure out paper shredding.

What Needs to Be Shredded?

Anything that has personal information like your name, address, phone number, social security number, or bank account information should be shredded. This might include a few documents you don’t initially think about, including ATM receipts, credit card receipts, bills, and even used airline tickets.

Residential paper shredding reduces the risk of having your confidential documents stolen and used against you. If a piece of paper isn’t needed anymore, it should be shredded. Not only does this keep safe any possible secrets that might be on those documents, but also saves space in any storage the company might maintain.

More specifically, any documentation that contains sensitive financial information, personal information, business plans, and secrets, or internal communications. This includes memos, invoices, design plans, contracts, payroll information, employee records, telephone records, insurance documents, profit reports, and even employee circulars.

How Should It Be Shredded?

Paper shredding can be done in-house, but it is much more secure to shred paper using professional paper shredding services, such as Southern California Shredding. Southern California Shredding provides on-site mobile shredding services so that you can watch the process from start to finish and know you material has been destroyed. Southern California Shredding is NAID certified which guarantees your paper is shredded to the smallest size required by the industry.

They also offer security containers for on-going customers in which to deposit confidential material into. On a scheduled basis Southern California Shredding will arrive with their mobile truck and shred all material on-site so that customers can view the process from start to finish. Southern California Shredding maintains a number of facilities around San Diego, that are also available all week for drop-off services.

What Are the Security Concerns?

Security is the reason why paper shredding is important, and security within the paper shredding process is of the utmost importance. When choosing a paper shredding process and company, there should be a few considerations: Any company you choose should be NAID certified. There should be a direct path of accountability, and the shredding company should establish responsibility for the documents once they take custody of the material; there should be a certificate of destruction provided to the customer with assurance the process is completed, and there should be transparency to give the customer knowledge of the specific process.

Why Southern California Shredding?

  • For companies in San Diego area, the best choice for paper shredding is Southern California Shredding. Here are the reasons:
  • Southern California Shredding is NAID Certified.
  • All employees at Southern California Shredding go through an extensive background check and drug testing.
  • They provide a number of convenient options between mobile shredding services and numerous drop-off locations that can fit the needs of any company.
  • Southern California Shredding offers low prices for quality services.
  • They maintain intense security certification that ensures all documents are secure to the highest standards.
  • They provide every customer with a certificate of document destruction that is backed by those intense security certifications.

Paper shredding is not often the first thing that companies consider when thinking about security. However, it is a vital part of any secure environment, and Southern California Shredding makes that process cheap, easy, and safe for everyone in the San Diego area.