Common Issues Solved by Shredding Old Documents

Identity theft Written on Shredded PaperDocument destruction is a consistent and important concern for companies that handle any type of sensitive data. Even for companies that do not handle much sensitive data as part of their operations, employee payroll, profit statements, and business memos are still sensitive information. There are individuals that are seeking to steal from companies with negligent security procedures, and without proper document destruction, all the data within those documents is at risk. These are the reasons simply for performing some form of document destruction, but why is it better to use professional shredding services rather than doing it in-house? There are a number of common issues that can be solved by using a professional service to shred old documents, all of which are offered to companies in the San Diego area by Southern California Shredding.

Reasons to Use Document Shredding Firms

  • Are the Documents Fully Destroyed?: Southern California Shredding maintains rigorous security certifications and has a number of machines and methods that completely destroy documents and completely render them unrecoverable.
  • Where Can The Documents Be Stored?: Southern California Shredding maintains a number of facilities around the San Diego area that can store drop-off documents. In addition, for mobile shredding services, customers are provided with secure containers that keep the documents safe until they can be properly destroyed.
  • How Can I Limit Liability?: Customers of Southern California Shredding can view their getting destroyed and are provided with a certificate that the documents are destroyed. This certificate is provided as a guarantee that the work is done, and affords the customer legal protection if some of the data is breached.
  • How Can I Make This Convenient?: Southern California Shredding offers drop-off services at any time to accommodate customer needs at any of a number of facilities in the San Diego area. In addition, to make document destruction a supremely easy process, mobile shredding services can perform shredding on-site on a regularly scheduled service.
  • What Happens with my Shredded Paper?: Southern California Shredding recycles all shredded material at a certified recycling center. It is then processed and manufactured into reusable items such as paper towels, paper plates, paper cups and various other paper items.  Southern California is a Green company.

Why Southern California Shredding

Shredding old documents can ease up on the burdens of maintaining records, can prevent the risk of corporate espionage and theft of data by employees or negligent data breaches, can help a company go green through environmentally friendly document control, and is a basic concern of any security conscious organization. Professional document destruction services provide a number of operational and convenient benefits over in-house document destruction.

For companies in the San Diego area, there is no better firm for document destruction that Southern California Shredding. Their commitment to security, convenience, customer service, green technology, and professional responsibility make them the premier choice in Southern California. Contact us for more information today!