Utilizing the Shredfast System, Southern California Shredding will arrive at your location to provide your customized shredding service. The Shredfast System is safe and economical. All of the shredding is done within the vehicle to eliminate the danger of sharp and grinding parts, and it can shred up to 3 tons or 6000 lbs of material an hour.

Here is how the process works

  1. The documents and items to be destroyed will be gathered and separated based on material.
    • We shred plastic separately from paper
    • We shred paper separately from cardboard
  2. These items will be loaded into bins and attached to a rail system on our vehicle. Once attached to the rail system, the bin will be lifted and fed into the shredding system.
    • Our customers can view the entire process. You can watch as the bin is attached to the rail system and emptied and then view via a monitor as your documents and items are shredded
    • This additional security feature is provided so that you can ensure that in no way has your data been compromised or have any need for concern
  3. Once all of the documents and items have been destroyed, Southern California Mobile Shredding will unload the shredded paper and plastic at a certified recycling center.
    • These centers will bail the material so that it can be sent to mills to be manufactured into new and similar products