Our Secure Shredding Process

Why should my company destroy documents?

It’s the law. You have a legal responsibility to keep sensitive customer and employee information from falling into the wrong hands. Eliminating certain data in a timely fashion limits your liability in litigation and protects proprietary information from competitors.

How much will this cost?

The cost of our services is determined by the amount of material to be shredded and the frequency of the shredding service provided. We provide a fixed price guarantee so that you know exactly how much your job will cost. To obtain an accurate quote, please contact us.

Is Orange County Shredding Insured and Bonded?

Yes, we have liability insurance of $2,000,000. We seek and employ individuals with only the highest level of integrity and competency. All employees are bonded, uniformed and wear an Orange County Shredding issued badge.

How quickly can Orange County Shredding pick up my material?

We pride ourselves in the customer service we deliver and can normally get you serviced within 24 hours. In several instances we have been able to offer same day service.

Is there a minimum amount of material I need to have?

No, there is no job too small. We service residential customers who have just a box or two up to large corporations who require our services on a regular basis.

Do you have a drop off facility?

Yes, every Saturday between 9am to 1pm customers are welcome to drop their material off at our facility in Lake Forest, at a cost saving price. We have a mobile shredding truck kept on our premises and all shredding is done right in front of you.

Is Orange County Shredding HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Orange County Shredding does have the proper privacy policies in place. We specialize in assisting facilities with compliance to Federal and State laws including HIPPA regulations and FACTA with regard to disposal and destruction of your proprietary documents.

What does AAA Certified by NAID mean?

NAID (National Association of Information Destruction) offers a voluntary annual operations certification program to its members. Through the program NAID Active Members may seek annual certification audits. The NAID Certification Program establishes minimum standards for employee hiring and screening, operations, the destruction process, and insurance as well as other security factors.

Is Orange County Shredding a “Certified Shredding Company?”

Yes, we are one of few Orange County based companies that have completed all certification requirements, guaranteeing you that all security rules and regulations are adhered to.

Will you supply containers for us to place material in for shredding?

Yes, we will provide all security Bins and Consoles at no charge for recurring customers.

Can I watch my material being shredded?

Yes, you are invited to watch the entire process from start to finish. Our mobile shredding trucks even contain a video monitor that allows you to watch your documents as they are being destroyed.

How long should I keep my records before disposing of them?

With the exception of a few specific records that should be saved permanently, most documents and records need to be saved for a maximum of seven years. Click here to view a typical Retention Schedule.

Do I have to remove staples, paper clips, and rubber bands?

No, as our trucks are equipped with the latest mobile shredding technology available, items such as staples, paper clips and rubber bands are easily shredded too

Is my shredded paper recycled?

Yes, we believe in protecting the environment and are committed to recycling 100% of your shredded material. Destroyed documents are recycled into material such as paper towels, toilet paper, cereal and corrugated boxes. For every ton of paper recycled, you save 17 trees and 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space.

Why should I use a shredding service instead of just recycling?

For security! Recycling services are not designed to provide security. Generally, recycling services use open collection containers which are accessible to anyone. Your recycled documents often sit unguarded and exposed for anyone to view and take. Furthermore, recycling is not in compliance with the law if you are legally mandated to destroy these documents.

Will you take my non-confidential documents for recycling?

Yes, we do offer Recyclable Material Transportation services to our customers at no additional charge. This service may include a transportation fee for customers not interested in our Document Destruction Service

Can I keep my boxes?

Yes, you can keep your boxes to reuse.

What happens if my container is full before the regularly scheduled service time?

Just call us and we will come out early at no additional charge.

Do you provide a Certificate of Destruction?

Yes, Orange County Shredding provides you with a Certificate of Destruction for each service, documenting data, quantity and method of destruction.
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