Compare Your Security Process to our Mobile Shredding Service

San Diego-area businesses may prioritize both data security and environmentally-friendly practices. However, it’s very difficult to do both affordably and effectively.

That’s where we come in. Southern California Mobile Shredding’s service helps San Diego companies fill in the security gaps that regularly occur in a document management system.

A company that attempts to destroy its materials in a safe and environmentally-conscious way—without the use of an outside professional—may start by spreading the word to its workers about which materials should and shouldn’t be considered “confidential.”

Then, the company may instruct workers to use their in-house shredding equipment to destroy these materials. Typically, they will focus on shredding paper documents. The company collects the shredded content; hauls it to a recycling facility; and then, the entire process repeats.

Let’s look at the gaps in security with the above.

  1. Workers are individually responsible for shredding their materials. Some may follow protocol, but others may not have the time to shred every paper that comes.
  2. Some companies make one individual responsible for shredding materials for the entire office. In this situation, it’s more likely that documents will build up over time and that the wrong papers will be thrown out instead of destroyed.
  3. The equipment the business has on-site may be incapable of destroying a bulk of materials in a short span of time. That means sensitive data stays intact longer (and worker efficiency drops).
  4. Paper documents are not the only source of confidential data. Information is just as likely to exist in hard drives or storage media such as CDs. Workers likely won’t have the right equipment to destroy these items safely.
  5. An in-house shredding program is difficult to track and maintain. Management may have no proof that it is effectively eliminating the sensitive information of its customers and employees.
  6. Hauling materials on an ongoing basis to a recycler may be a poor use of the company’s resources.

Southern California Mobile Shredding works differently. With our on-site pickup service, San Diego-area customers receive consoles or bins that are centrally located. Workers leave sensitive materials in these bins, and on regularly-scheduled dates, Southern California Shredding team members haul their contents to our awaiting shredder trucks.

Employees never have to deal with the shredding process; Southern California Shredding provides proof of destruction; and if the company wants to destroy non-paper materials such as hard drives, we take these as well.

All of our materials are recycled. All of the data is eliminated. Finally, our customers achieve their goals in less time and without tying up employee resources.

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