Destroy Your Hard Drive: Old Computer Equipment and Shredding Services

Orange County homeowners and businesses generally know that they should guard their sensitive papers. Whether it’s financial details, account statements, social security numbers, or medical data, discarded paper documents are an easy target for identity thieves and others who want to misuse it.

Customers find a solution with Southern California Mobile Shredding. Our services for Orange County include on-site document destruction. Our team comes to their location, hauls the materials to our awaiting shredder truck, and destroys the papers in short order. The content is recycled; the data is eliminated.

But data isn’t restricted to paper. More and more, the information that drives our lives and businesses lives digitally.

Think for a moment about the computers throughout your home or your company. Each may store sensitive information that would be a treasure trove for a motivated data thief. Likely, you take some precautions before you get rid of a computer, hard drive, CD, or DVD. You may erase the information using the software on your computer and then send it for recycling or proper e-waste disposal.

The problem: erasing data isn’t always enough. Traces of the information you erased may still exist on the device. True data destruction requires special programs that will completely eliminate whatever details were once on the media or drive.

Businesses may deal with a separate issue. X-rays, film, and other non-paper records can’t generally be shredded by retail-level shredding equipment.

Going Green with Southern California Shredding addresses each of these materials with specialized data shredding services. Orange County customers can rely on us to dispose hard drives, CDs, DVDs, flash drives, film, and other physical media.

Southern California Shredding comes to your location and hauls the materials to our truck, where they go through a special shredding process that you can observe. As with all of our jobs, we offer a Certificate of Destruction that assures that your media has been safely eliminated. We work with certified e-waste recyclers to turn the components into new products rather than fodder for the landfill.

If you are trying to balance your responsibility to the environment with your security concerns, remember the information your electronic media may contain. Then, give Go Green a call about our shredding services in Orange County.