Drop Off Vs. Mobile Shredding: What’s Your Best Option?

Southern California Shredding TruckCompanies that consistently handle sensitive information and secret documents are all but required to seek out a secure method of document destruction. Neglecting secure document destruction can cause a number of issues. Companies operating in the San Diego area face the possibility that scavengers in dense urban centers could recover the documents from the trash and compromise the data therein. Secret or confidential information can be discerned from nearly all types of internal documentation from protected records to simple office memos. These companies can seek to deploy their own document destruction method, but for most companies seeking to cut costs, there are secure document destruction services such as Southern California Shredding. Southern California Shredding offers guaranteed secure document destruction through off-site and mobile shredding services. Prospective customers might wonder what the differences between Drop Off and Mobile Shredding Services are; there are a few key differences, and it is up to the specific needs of the client to determine the better option.

Drop Off Services

Drop off shredding services, as opposed to mobile shredding, means simply that the documents are dropped off at a secure site owned by the shredding company. There the documents are taken into custody by the document destruction company, and the documents are destroyed there. Southern California Shredding maintains a number of facilities in the San Diego area that customers can drop their documents off at.  The customer is responsible for the storage of the documents until the drop off is complete, and if the documents are dropped off on Saturday, the customer can choose to view the destruction process immediately. In either case, the facilities are secure and constantly monitored to prevent the compromise of any documents or data.

Mobile Shredding Services

Mobile Shredding Services are much more convenient for and possibly more secure for certain companies. Southern California Shredding will send a truck to the customer’s facility, collect documents out of secure containers provided to the company, and shred them right there. The documents don’t have to leave the company site in an unsecured state; secure containers provide an extra layer of security, regularly scheduled visits mean that the customer doesn’t need to worry about scheduling the truck, and the customer is invited to watch the destruction process to ensure security.

Which is the Better Choice?

The choice entirely depends upon the needs of the customer. Drop Off Services might be better if:

  • The customer cannot have visitors on-site.
  • The customer is seeking a cheaper option.
  • The customer finds it more convenient to dispatch transport of the documents.Mobile Shredding Services might be better if:
  • The customer cannot release documents off-site in a non-destroyed state.
  • The customer wishes to observe the entire process but cannot transport the documents on Saturdays.
  • The customer wants the convenience of mobile shredding services.


Whatever the needs of the customer, there is no better document destruction service in the San Diego area than Southern California Shredding. With good prices, professional services, and rigorous security certification, customers can be sure that they receive only the best in document destruction services with Southern California Shredding.

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