Ever Wonder What to Shred?

Pile of Small Paper ShredsIt’s an unfortunate reality – identity theft isn’t going away, and, in fact, it’s only becoming more prevalent as times goes on. Because of this, for business owners and individuals alike in Orange County, paper shredding has become not just a good idea but an outright necessity. But what sorts of things should you be shredding? The list contains a number of things you may have overlooked.


Is Your Shredding List Complete?

To ensure the safety of data for yourself, your family, your clients, and your employees, comprehensive shredding of everything an identity thief could potentially use is crucial. Have you considered all of the following?

  • Documents with Personal Information: any document containing the following information should be at the top of your shredding list: telephone numbers, addresses, driver’s license, social security, passport and credit card numbers, bank account or insurance information
  • Other Sensitive Documents: financial statements, medical records, legal documents, receipts & invoices, payroll records, bank statements, tax records, contracts, debit card numbers, credit card statements, loan documents, personnel files, proposals & quotes, cancelled/voided checks, profit/loss statements, business plans, inventory/price lists, computer reports, executive correspondences, obsolete contracts, utility bills
  • Electronic and Non-Standard Records: sensitive information isn’t always just on paper. We also offer secure destruction of hard drives, CDs, video tapes, x-rays, film, and microfiche records

Choose Southern California Shredding for Secure Data Destruction

At Southern California Shredding, we take the security of your sensitive information personally. We maintain full compliance with all state and federal regulations surrounding data security and destruction and strive to ensure a positive experience for all our clients. We provide locking bins for storage of documents to be destroyed, on or offsite destruction at your preference, and we even allow you to observe the destruction of your documents as it happens to set your mind at ease. If you need to retain any of your information but don’t want to keep dedicating file space to it, we also offer imaging services to transfer your documents to electronic format.

Got sensitive documents to dispose of? Trust the Orange County Paper Shredding experts at Southern California Shredding for all your data destruction needs. Call us today at 866.66SHRED.