Green versus Secure: Can You Have It Both Ways?

When it comes to environmentally-friendly secure shredding, Orange County homeowners and businesses often face a dilemma.

They may be generating hundreds of pounds of paper waste each month, and so recycling these documents is a priority. No one wants this material to end up in a landfill when it could be restored into useful paper products.

At the same time, when these materials contain sensitive information, recycling may not be an option:

  • The recycling company will have access to these papers, and the homeowner or business has no way of knowing if its employees are handling the data improperly.
  • Trying to keep sensitive papers separate from materials that contain no sensitive data is a challenge. It’s all too easy for something to slip into the wrong pile.
  • In the process of storing papers, hauling them to a recycling center, and then handing them over to the company, papers can be lost, mishandled, or misappropriated.

So, is there an answer to environmentally-friendly, secure shredding?

Our Orange County business provides the solution. Southern California Mobile Shredding focuses on people and businesses that prioritize security and that have a personal commitment to the planet. We’re able to offer both benefits because of our process.

Rather than leaving documents out, unguarded, and intact in a recycling plant, we destroy this data before it is out of your control. This also allows businesses to follow legal mandates for the handling of sensitive information.

It works like this: customers collect materials in consoles or bins that we provide. On the day of their scheduled pickup, our secure shredding team visits their Orange County location and hauls the materials to our awaiting trucks. There, viewing on an embedded monitor, customers can watch as their materials are destroyed.

We Go Green by recycles everything we shred. We bring the shredded paper—as well as plastic and other materials—to a nearby certified recycling center. The center bails the material for mills that manufacture the content into new products.

Security and an environmentally-friendly approach are part of everything we do. We use the latest mobile shredding technology to ensure that data is completely eliminated, and our vehicles meet the latest emissions standards for diesel engines. This investment means that our company reduces greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere while serving your needs.

To find out more about protecting your data and protecting the planet, contact Southern California Shredding to discuss secure shredding.