HIPAA Amendments to Increase Enforcement

New HIPAA Enforcment Amendments
1. Mandatory fines for certain violations – including improper disposal.
2. Maximim fine increased from $25,000 to $1,500,000.
3. Mandatory investigation required for certain complaints – including improper disposal.
4. State-level Attorney General are now in charge of enforcement in additional to continued HHS enforcement.
5. Mandatory Data Breach Notification of patients and authorities if there is a potential date breach. Hiring a qualified service to destroy discarded patient information is a solution to lowering costs and eliminating risk.

Orange County Shredding is a certified mobile destruction company, that follows all HIPAA and FACTA regulations. *All employees are screend prior to hiring with background checks and drug tests completed. *All security containers contain locks that protect material from unauthorized access. *Our employees understand HIPAA reguirements and have obtained certified accreditation. *Service employees are professional, polite and easily identifiable.