Prevent Identity Theft with Security at Every Stage

Southern California Shredding is more than just on-site paper shredding. Orange County customers look to us as an environmentally-friendly option for eliminating their sensitive data. Your security—and the information of the people who count on you—is our priority.

That’s why every stage of our process focuses on data protection. We understand the dangers that sensitive information creates. Data thieves can use financial details to access bank accounts; medical records to take advantage of health and prescription drugs; and tax information to pose as someone else in employment situations.

We don’t want this to happen to you. Here’s how we keep you secure.


Green paper shredding in Orange County starts with giving you a more formal collection process. We provide secure bins to customers, which you can use to store all of the sensitive papers that you want to destroy.

Having these bins centrally-located makes it easy for homeowners or businesses to keep these materials in one place. This also prevents data from going out in the trash where identity thieves may find it.

The type of bins we offer can give you additional security. Our “executive” console has a slot in the front for accepting material, and the top is locked to prevent retrieval by people who aren’t authorized. It’s just one more way we provide you with security.


Southern California Shredding schedules ongoing and purge pickups with customers. We come on-site, collect the materials, and haul them away. This adds security because your papers are within your control until the moment they are shredded at your location.

Our process offers a safer option than putting the materials in the trash where anyone can comb through it. It’s also more secure than leaving documents with a recycling plant, where mounds of material may sit awaiting processing.


During the paper shredding stage, Orange County customers can observe on a monitor embedded in our truck as their documents are destroyed. They can see the resulting debris and have confidence that the data is permanently eliminated.

Before we haul away shredded materials, we provide customers with a Certificate of Destruction. This document shows that papers have been safely and completely destroyed.

As a customer, your investment in security is also an investment in the planet. Southern California Mobile Shredding’s paper shredding services bring your materials to certified Orange County-area recyclers. From there, the content is bailed, hauled to manufacturers, and converted into new products.

To learn more about how our process ensures security at every stage, contact our team today.