Preventing Identity Theft and Other Benefits of Shredding

Man's Feet Standing Next to Shredder with Document In Process of ShreddingIn years past, we all thought that, once we threw something out in the trash, it was gone for good. Unfortunately, time has told a different story. With criminals pioneering increasingly imaginative ways of using sensitive information to steal and exploit others, business owners are buckling down all over Southern California. Document destruction has come to the forefront of their minds and Southern California Shredding is ready to help.

Why Is Shredding So Important?

There are many benefits to having your documents professionally shredded, but some of the most important are:

  • Protection from Identity Theft: Identity theft isn’t anything new in our society, but those who perpetrate this crime are growing more clever all the time. Failure to protect the sensitive information of your company and clients can expose you to a variety of fraudulent activities, but secure document destruction ensures your information is protected from the moment it enters our bins to the moment it’s shredded.
  • Saving Space and Money: Retaining years and years of company records can take up huge amounts of space, whether it’s at your location or a 3rd party offsite. Document storage also isn’t free. Shredding frees up that space and money spent on storage for other things. If you need to retain your information, we also offer imaging services to convert your files to convenient digital storage.
  • Complying with the Law: Because of the rampant theft of sensitive information, numerous state and federal regulations have been put in place to protect consumer data. California bill 2246 and the federal HIPAA legislation are just 2 examples of this and stiff penalties exist for companies found in violation.

Why Choose Southern California Shredding?

At Southern California Shredding, we take the security of your documents seriously. Not only are we licensed, bonded, fully insured, and compliant with all applicable regulations, but we provide you with a certificate of destruction for everything we shred. We provide secure locking containers for document storage between shreddings. We also offer both on and offsite shredding and even allow you to watch as your documents are destroyed, so you can rest assured your information is safe.

In Southern California, document destruction isn’t just a good idea – it’s crucial to protecting your sensitive data, and the experts at Southern California Shredding are here to help. Call us today at 866.66SHRED.