Security Matters

For some businesses in San Diego, on-site shredding may not be the first thing that comes to mind when they are planning data protection. However, if your company prioritizes security, it’s time to get serious about document destruction.

360-Degree Protection

Your building has locks on the door. Your computers have anti-virus software. Your email systems have passwords. Each of these processes is a way of letting your employees work safely and efficiently while keeping the wrong people out of your business.

However, companies often produce paper and electronic waste, and that’s when San Diego on-site shredding matters. The information that your employees throw into the garbage is not protected by federal law. Data that goes into the trash goes out into the world for anyone to find. After all of the other efforts that your business takes to keep sensitive information from reaching the wrong hands, it’s important to fill in the gaps in your security.

Our Work

Southern California Shredding specializes in secure mobile paper shredding. San Diego businesses rely on us because all of our processes center on protecting their information and keeping their trust.

Our shredding trucks are capable of handling a variety of media, from hundreds of pounds of paper and file folders to electronic media such as hard drives, film, X-rays, and compact discs. These industrial-grade vehicles make quick work of the shredding jobs that would take an untrained staff of employees hours or days to complete with non-commercial equipment.

Our value goes much further than technology, however. Southern California Shredding’s people and processes are what have made us a leading provider in the region.

Steps for Security

In a typical project involving on-site shredding, we provide your San Diego company with special security bins to collect unwanted but sensitive materials. These bins lock away your documents and electronic media until the day of pickup. We schedule pickups on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, though we can arrange to destroy materials as-needed as well.

On pickup day, our shredding technicians arrive on-time at your location. These team members have undergone rigorous background checks and submitted to drug testing prior to employment. They are trained to respond quickly and professional to your concerns, and they are skilled in providing solutions to the challenges that can come up. Customers develop personal relationships with our staff and come to see us as part of their team.

Technicians work in a way that does not disrupt your employees. They haul the materials from the security bins out to the awaiting shredding truck, and you or your representative can watch on a video monitor as the truck is loaded and the documents are destroyed. We provide you with a Certificate of Destruction as proof your documents have been eliminated.

This is just an overview of our work. For more details about on-site shredding and data security in San Diego, call Southern California Shredding at 1-866-66SHRED or contact us online.