Compare Your Options | San Diego Residential Paper Shredding

As a homeowner in San Diego, residential paper shredding provides you with a lot of potential benefits.

First, you can create new space in your house. Eliminating paper waste lets you remove boxes of documents, files that are collecting dust, and bulky shelving units.

Second, you can get rid of potential sources for identity thieves. The information in some of your documents could be misused and could allow others to gain access to important details of your life. Papers that people collect contain social security numbers, personal business data, financial records, and more. Unscrupulous criminals can use information like this to intrude into your accounts, charge your credit card, or commit other violations of privacy.

Third, you can save money. Right now, you may be paying for a storage locker to contain your out-of-date papers and electronic media. Or, you may be considering an expensive expansion of your home in San Diego. Mobile document destruction is a cost-saving measure that securely eliminates the bulk that is taking up space that you already have.

Reclaim your home with Southern California Shredding. Southern California Shredding provides several options for San Diego residential paper shredding. That way, individuals can find the right service to fit their needs. Here is a comparison of our pickup and drop-off services:

Pickup: The greatest benefits of the pickup services that Southern California Shredding offers are convenience and efficiency. You can choose our scheduled pickup option, which has our team visit your site on a regular basis to handle reoccurring bulk loads of documents. Or, you can take advantage of our purge service, which takes place on an as-needed basis. Whichever way you go, Southern California Shredding can deliver security bins to you, which you can use to collect and safeguard the materials you plan to have shredded. When a pickup is due, our technicians arrive at your location, haul your bins to our shredding truck, and destroy your materials on-site. We can also arrange to transport your papers to our facility if you are concerned about noise or other neighborhood restrictions.

Drop-off: The biggest advantages of our drop-off services are pricing and availability. With this option, you transport your materials to Southern California Shredding’s’ facility, and we shred them on your behalf. Because you are handling the hauling of materials, you can expect a cost savings for the service. Also, because there is no need to arrange drop-off services in advance, you can bring materials to Southern California Shredding according to your schedule and needs.

Which option makes sense for you? Well, if you have a small load of documents that you feel confident in transporting to our location, and if you do not need regular help with shredding, the drop-off option may be best. However, if you have a large collection of sensitive materials that require destruction, or if you have a reoccurring need for shredding services, count on Southern California Shredding’s’ professional pickup services.

Find out more about the right option for your needs. Call Southern California Shredding about San Diego residential paper shredding at 1-866-66SHRED.